The Exchange Wahala (part 4)

( continued from part 3) "Thief! you think you can come to my cafeteria and try nonsense with me?" the madam said and pointed to the waitress " search him and collect anything of value in his pocket, If he refuses tell me let me invite the police immediately!"

"Yes Ma" the young pretty lady replied

I quickly reached for my phone and handed it over to the waitress 'I don't want any thing to do with police oh!' I quickly reasoned.

She took it and still carried on with the search warrant obviously dissatisfied with the phone  I gave her. After her thorough and diligent search she found nothing of worth remaining.

"Ma, I found only this phone with him"

she collected the phone. " Useless man, look at the phone his using" she shows the phone to the whole world gathered in her eatery " See how the phone even looks like him". she motions the waitress "Abeg carry my food inside for me; pour it inside nylon for those customer that use to buy waste for for their dogs"

"Ok Ma"

'This woman is wicked'  I said in my mind, she has collected my phone; Android phone oh! just that i tied it with rubber because the cover needed to be changed and yet she could not still allow me to eat the food hence I had paid with my phone? " Witch" I said silently and walked out with shame and embarrassment.

The Exchange Wahala (part 3)

(continue from part 2) I walked into a little luxurious eatery and placed my order like the big man that I am right now with the big fat wallet in my possession. soon enough the meal appeared! I was badly salivating, I immediately opened the food and was about to start shoveling the food inside my watery mouth when the waitress hushed me.

'sir'  she called me, yes my dear i stopped short and  answered her

"You pay for the food before you eat it"

"oh!" I retorted and quickly reached for the wallet

"How much is my bill?" I quickly brought out the fat wallet and reached to make the payment. I opened the wallet and found a shocker!

The fear welled up in me now. I decided to pour out the entire content of the wallet, ALL PAPER! WHAAAAAT! I screamed; and now I had poured out the entire content of the wallet on the table, what I saw written on one gave me some concern; it was written on it " FOOLISH MAN; YOU THINK YOU ARE SMART, NOW WE KNOW WHO IS SMARTER"... ah! ah! what is the meaning of that? could this innocent looking man have issues with someone? Why is there paper all through in the wallet? No money, not even a dime! my mind ran back to what was written on that paper 'FOOLISH MAN'... Some kind of hot heat wave just hit my face and ran through my whole body. I immediately reached for my own N500 which I had folded and securely hidden far away in my corner pocket. No! I was not planning to use it to pay for the meal, the orders I placed was about N1700 and for sure I know I was in trouble because hence I had ordered the meal and served, I must pay for it whether eaten or not. I just needed to hold my N500, maybe I could beg, If I could, the i would still use my money and put some food in my hurting stomach...

The Exchange Wahala (part 2)

(continued from part 1) I brazed myself, nothing can ever go wrong! the man looks simple! even if something goes wrong," I would simply find a very convenient story to tell him " I thought to myself. What if he does not believe or even want to foment trouble? "You would give him the N500 you picked from the other man's pocket" a cold voice whispered silently to me. "Never!" I almost shouted. I can never allow my only investment to go just like that! how will i give him my N500? the only money I had to my name in this whole "WILD WORLD". With this whole thought rattling through my mind, I decided to change the location of the N500 from my front pocket to my side pocket. In case anything goes wrong, I would beg the man with my whole life. I would even tell him that I have had no meal for days! He should believe, after all I even looked tattered right now.

 With the re arrangement effected, I moved on with my plan of picking the man's pocket. I walked faster now to catch up the man. He seems to be on target himself. That made me pause again, the man now turned and looked at me. Could he be suspecting me? "This man might be a military man on assignment oh!" That thought almost made me run. He moved again. "Why did a man moving like he was on mission stop for a moment and then move again?". I had initially passed him and was walking behind him, could that send some signals to him? Am now becoming sure that this business might be sure to fail. What should I do now? Someone please advise me.

The Exchange Wahala( part 1)

Nathdgreat Of Africa
The day was very sultry, my stomach had been hurting badly, now it's aching and I think I might be developing ulcer right now. The N500 I had excused from the other "jew man" was still seating helplessly in my front pocket. "This your heinous business is very bad!" my conscience kept pricking me... "soak yourself in 10% alcohol" I screamed back at my conscience. I needed a nice meal even if it's for once,  and sincerely N500 can't assure me of that. "I need to pick another pocket even if I will have to confess after this time out".

The busy Oshodi oke was busy as usual. people where coming and going; passenger's rushed in and out of stopping and moving buses. I studied people like a mathematics formula, picking my target objectively and constructively. Here he comes, an average height man, not too dressed, he had a swollen chest pocket! I fixated on him now, YES! the swollen chest pocket was inhabited by a wallet! I could see that from afar! This must be him! My meal ticket to a glorious meal. But how can i do this to this man? Looking closely at him, he should be approaching 50 years of age. I wish it was possible to just remove some of the money from the wallet and leave the rest for him at least so that he can get to his destination or somewhere without being stranded on that same spot.

Nathaniel Chiwendu Iroegbu (Nathdgreat of Africa)

My name is Nathaniel Chiwendu Iroegbu. friends and well wishes have familiarized themselves with the award and title bestowed upon my young shoulders as " Nathdgreat Of Africa".  A born philosopher, an aristocrat an articulate and prolific writer.  New York Times has once described me as the "Hadley Chase of Africa". You can call me a true "Hero", "The African Peacock in Fiction Writing". Anyways, no matter the name you choose to use in describing my prowess, always remember that it is all happening in our minds.. (LOL) Think less about the name calling or "mouth making" as you might call it; i make mistakes in writing, in tenses and even in spelling! don't be amazed when i call "is as" "has have" "chose choose"... just ignore all of that and enjoy your reading... that won't take my title and achievement away...

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