Thursday, 20 July 2017


Have you guys discovered lately that our native languages are gradually diminishing due to either not being used, or the mixture of foreign languages like English in the use of our own indigenous languages. I am going to tell you some that i noticed in my own language. If you have noticed any in your language feel free to comment below. Its just for fun in the house while we fight it together as one so that our own language will not completely go extinct. 
(IGbotic mixture)
Just legodi:
1-->SENDiaram airtime
2-->HELPutum juo ya
3-->SITigodi down
4-->STANDigodi up
5-->SHIFTuoro m
6-->Ha eCLOSEzula the shop
7-->I na eDISTURB m biko or eDISTURBzilam biko
8-->CHECKie m in next five minutes
9-->I REACHie gi agwam
10-->Achorom I ENTERgodi bike
11-->Ihe I na eSPEAKi sef
12-->akam na eTHINKi ya
13-->A dim BUSY kita, a gam aCALLugi back
14-->after anyi eDISCUSSuo ya
15-->eGIVEkwana up
16-->TAKEie time gi
17-->chere kam PARKia motor m
18-->achorom iga WATCHia match
19-->SETTLuom biko
20-->STARTia the gen
ADDia your own 😂😂😂
Lolz Igbo kwenu!!!!
Ka m postugodi this one.....igucha ,I commentia

Thursday, 6 July 2017


The gentle touch of your loving hand
the message of the eye the heart understand
the luscious smile that can melt a soldiers heart
and bring back the joy that has fallen apart

My thoughts are filled with me in your arms
your tender care beauty and your charms
the rhythm of love and the burning desires inside
i wish i will forever in your heart reside

Am  infatuated with your smile
for your laughter am ever willing to die
                                                     Am sincerely melting away for you
                                                       i hope you feel the same way too

                                                   Let the mountains tumble into the sea
                                                 let the rivers overflow it won't bother me
                                        let the the earth crumble a thousand times i care less
                                               I've made my choice for you or no one else.


Hello Dear blog readers
My name is Nathaniel Chiwendu Iroegbu, I am your host on this fiction blog and I am especially and profoundly happy to welcome you all to this blog. I have also taken the initiative to appreciate all of you and also see how to ( If possible) extend a helping hand to all my blog readers who needs a hand.
First in my agenda is to give out stipend to my blog readers in for of an airtime. In subsequent episodes in this segment, I will be giving out more than just an airtime. I also intend helping my blog readers seek help from far and wide using this blog as a platform. Together as one, we will all help each other in one way or the other.
Secondly, I also intend providing a section where I will also be providing help and financial assistance to my blog readers who might need it. I also intend reaching out to the less privileged in the society as part of my calling, giving them help if i can, and helping them reach the right audience who can offer more meaningful assistance.
Welcome on board but for now, take a look around and possibly bookmark this blog for further visits and see a lot of help, freebies and connection roll in....Namaste!

How To Achieve Weightloss Like A Celebrity (video)

Hey guys, it is a known fact in life that a lot of people are killing themselves because of their shape. but the big irony of event is; while some want to shred their weight, others are trying hard to gain same. Gaining weight is very simple and I do not think its worth doing a video for, unless in subsequent series where we would be discussing how to achieve and maintain 6 packs for guys and a full figure 8 for the pretty ladies in the house.

A small truth to make our Life 100% successful

If: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Is equal to;
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26
H+A+R+D+W+O+R+K ;

K+N+O+W+L+E+D+G+E ;

Nigeria: The Problem of Insecurity and The Possible Solution

"An insecure nation is a menace to its inhabitants"                  Nathdgreat of Africa

At about 10:30pm, a young man of about 28years old was shot dead in a busy street. The gun shot was so loud that people living 6 streets away could hear it very loud and clear. Just about 2 streets away, there is a police station. News around the corner has it that it was a gang war (cultist) taking a revenge on a rival cult. In Nigeria (although this happens in a lot of developing countries, but Nigeria is the subject under review) it is not an unheard of thing to witness or hear about gang wars or a rival cult taking a swipe on another cult group, the problem was that no police or security agents showed up on the crime scene during the battle or even hours after the battle ended! It was almost about 11:00am the next day before we started hearing police siren in the distance approaching the scene of the murder!
  The problem of insecurity has eaten deep into our nation like a vicious canker worm. In Benin city Edo state and so many other states and small towns across Nigeria, the situation is almost a nightmare.

Major Causes Of Insecurity
Arm robbery
Political thuggery
Ritualistic Activities

There are still other major causes of insecurity, but the ones mentioned above are the most common in my own locality and around me.

Cultism has grown very rampant in Nigeria especially in the rural areas. nowadays, even kids between the ages of 9 and 10 are initiated into cultism and used as a tool to perpetrate all kinds of heinous crimes in the society. These kids know next to nothing. they have no fear, because of the protection promised them by their initiators, they can do and undo. In most cases they are asked to perform very difficult task to become properly initiated and you see these young kids becoming baby soldiers right under their fathers nose and are selfishly manipulated by adults.
We won't discuss much about their task or what obtains once initiated, but our focus is on our families, our society and our effective policing system to curb this menace that is biting hard into our society.
  The truth is, some are forcefully initiated. some willingly join so as to avoid being bullied by those who belong. while some enlist themselves so as to terrorize and bully those who get in their way. In any case, there is no justifiable  reason to join.

Arm Robbery

Due to poverty armed robbery is on the increase. some of the root factors behind robbery are: greed and poverty and the fact that some politicians hand out guns to individuals during elections and they in turn use it however they see fit. Some areas experience robbery every day! some might start wondering 'what are our police men doing?' the bitter truth is; they are trying their best in the situation. We won't discuss much on the matter right now. the major point of interest is the solution to all the social vices that is  making  Nigeria not safe for habitation.

Political Thuggery

Omo igbo kpa mi (igbo girl has killed me)

I been dey clean my taxi when oga call enta;
"hello Jubril"
"yes oga John" i come ansa am, as oga John call me like that i don already
know wetin im wan tell me. as madam don travel, oga wan go tan da for hotel with him
hmm, the man no even sabi say na the same thing wey him dey do na im madam sef dey do
she go say she dey go dubai for bizness she go follow one bobo go lodge for midnight hotel,
God go catch them one day wey two of them go lodge for one hotel with their diffrent partner
"Are you still at home?"
"yes oga" i ansa am
"ah ah! are you still sleeping by now?"
"No sir, i don wake up. i just dey clean my motor"
"please come and carry me"
I no say na hotel him wan make i carry am go. this man na wayo man, im no wan use im motor drive go the hotel so that no body go see am. anyway, wetin concern me? na my money i know, im dey pay well sha.
I come carry am reach midnight hotel that morning. as we reach dia, one sisi dey dia dey wait am already for the reception.