Saturday, 20 May 2017

Nathaniel Chiwendu Iroegbu (Nathdgreat of Africa)

My name is Nathaniel Chiwendu Iroegbu. friends and well wishes have familiarized themselves with the award and title bestowed upon my young shoulders as " Nathdgreat Of Africa".  A born philosopher, an aristocrat an articulate and prolific writer.  New York Times has once described me as the "Hadley Chase of Africa". You can call me a true "Hero", "The African Peacock in Fiction Writing". Anyways, no matter the name you choose to use in describing my prowess, always remember that it is all happening in our minds.. (LOL) Think less about the name calling or "mouth making" as you might call it; i make mistakes in writing, in tenses and even in spelling! don't be amazed when i call "is as" "has have" "chose choose"... just ignore all of that and enjoy your reading... that won't take my title and achievement away...

Well, am just a regular guy. my pictures will be all over this blog but trust me, those are 12years ago pictures. we might see face to face and you won't recognize that its me. I have my reasons for that. in any case who cares about my face or even my pictures in a world where hate dominates everything?

I decided to go into fiction blogging to remove my mind from mind bugling issues that borders from so little to so little. If you do not find my story interesting, i guess you already know the reason... But if you find my story worth the while, then you can encourage me! I would appreciate it even if its the kind of money that jingles,  but i would prefer the type that folds... you can send your effort to my PayPal account: other payment method will be made available by request..

Welcome on board and do have a smooth ride with this webpage!!!

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