Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Exchange Wahala (part 2)

(continued from part 1) I brazed myself, nothing can ever go wrong! the man looks simple! even if something goes wrong," I would simply find a very convenient story to tell him " I thought to myself. What if he does not believe or even want to foment trouble? "You would give him the N500 you picked from the other man's pocket" a cold voice whispered silently to me. "Never!" I almost shouted. I can never allow my only investment to go just like that! how will i give him my N500? the only money I had to my name in this whole "WILD WORLD". With this whole thought rattling through my mind, I decided to change the location of the N500 from my front pocket to my side pocket. In case anything goes wrong, I would beg the man with my whole life. I would even tell him that I have had no meal for days! He should believe, after all I even looked tattered right now.

 With the re arrangement effected, I moved on with my plan of picking the man's pocket. I walked faster now to catch up the man. He seems to be on target himself. That made me pause again, the man now turned and looked at me. Could he be suspecting me? "This man might be a military man on assignment oh!" That thought almost made me run. He moved again. "Why did a man moving like he was on mission stop for a moment and then move again?". I had initially passed him and was walking behind him, could that send some signals to him? Am now becoming sure that this business might be sure to fail. What should I do now? Someone please advise me.

 I insisted, i must rob him! even if that means I die in the process. the money in that wallet is too enormous to let go, how can I sleep if I let that kind of money pass me by? I intentionally crossed the road and ran very fast to make sure I was opposite him again. Then I crossed back with a good distance separating us now. Now I had enough space between us to plan a clear strategic mo·dus op·e·ran·di to rob this innocent looking man and pity him later.

Now I looked confident as i approached the man. I was now face to face with him, this time i had stilled my fears and ready to pounce! I intentionally dropped a something that appeared of importance on the floor mistakenly. The man looked at it. The split moment I pretended to trip; The innocent looking man came to my rescue to stop me not from fallen. "Be careful my son" the man sounded so nice. " Thank you sir" I retorted. "Here" He said and handed me the piece of note that had fallen from me before  I tripped. "Thank you sir, God bless you sir". The man looked at me with real fatherly pity and asked " Have you had lunch"? "Have I even had breakfast" I thought inside me. Then I started thinking, "Should i tell this fatherly man my problem? maybe he could help, here is my chance"... "Yes Sir" I finally replied as i got up from the floor and moved on faster... I crossed and kept running fast to totally leave the scene. Now the wallet full of money was in my possession; In my HANDS!!! I screamed happily! stomach ache gone! Ulcer disappeared! Wow! money has power! " So money can cure ailments even without buying drugs?" Hmm no wonder men can even kill their mother because of MONEY! chai, MONEY STOPS NONSENSE!... I felt a little pity for the innocent looking fatherly man whom I had just relieved of his wallet filled with money. I could have at least given him some money for transport, he would have bought me food not knowing that I am a cheap pocket picker. Anyway," that is in the past now" I thought to myself. I have his wallet now, I would go ahead and spend it, He would surely have a replacement somewhere... Oh! his ATM card would be in this wallet in my possession. Wicked Me! how selfish could I be? If I had that in mind I would not have robbed him.

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