Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Exchange Wahala (part 4)

( continued from part 3) "Thief! you think you can come to my cafeteria and try nonsense with me?" the madam said and pointed to the waitress " search him and collect anything of value in his pocket, If he refuses tell me let me invite the police immediately!"

"Yes Ma" the young pretty lady replied

I quickly reached for my phone and handed it over to the waitress 'I don't want any thing to do with police oh!' I quickly reasoned.

She took it and still carried on with the search warrant obviously dissatisfied with the phone  I gave her. After her thorough and diligent search she found nothing of worth remaining.

"Ma, I found only this phone with him"

she collected the phone. " Useless man, look at the phone his using" she shows the phone to the whole world gathered in her eatery " See how the phone even looks like him". she motions the waitress "Abeg carry my food inside for me; pour it inside nylon for those customer that use to buy waste for for their dogs"

"Ok Ma"

'This woman is wicked'  I said in my mind, she has collected my phone; Android phone oh! just that i tied it with rubber because the cover needed to be changed and yet she could not still allow me to eat the food hence I had paid with my phone? " Witch" I said silently and walked out with shame and embarrassment.

My N500! i ran immediately to the spot where i had encounter with that devilish man! Oh! I took him for innocent, Looks are deceptive. but how sure was I that it was him? It must be him. When I tripped and he bent to help me up, that was when he did it! Oh! I was a fool, I felt it but I was too preoccupied with pity for the man not knowing that he had nothing of such for me. He obviously was a pick pocket himself, He intentionally loaded his wallet with paper to deceive anyone who would want to pick his pocket or to appear loaded to innocent people who he would eventually try to rob. The plan was calculated and smart; He would pick the pocket of even those in the same line of trade with him by letting them take his paper loaded wallet as a distraction while he offloads them of all they had risked their lives to rob. The plan was also effective on even innocent people; they would see his loaded wallet and think he is too loaded to pick their pocket. Wonderful schemer! He had me fooled for sure, I thought I was smart; an older man outsmarted me and even made me loose my phone, my hard robbed phone! I didn't find him, I walked to the other side of the road thinking of the way forward. something caught my attention; It was the sound of music coming from somewhere, when I turned to have a proper look I discovered that it was a low class restaurant. why didn't I come here? I would have eaten to my satisfaction at low cost! oh! which money? well, they would have served me first and I would have finished the food before the interrogation, at least I would have had food in my belly before a fight or an argument. I was punishing myself with regrets and bitterness of past mistake when someone walked out of the restaurant. Yes! that face! I would recognize him anywhere anytime! it was him, what do i do now that I have him?

The man walked out with tooth pick working tirelessly on his teeth, with a large criminal  smile. He didn't look innocent to me anymore. oh! how  I hate him so much now.  He obviously had had a good meal that cost some fortune (my money and other unsuspecting fools like me) This kind of crazy exchange I did with this criminal has brought me real wahala. Yet,  I could not summon the courage to meet him. He turned and looked at me, waved mischievously and moved on. I stood staring at him, Unable to do a thing, till he disappeared out of sight.

I sat under the bridge and thought seriously, If this business has started involving looses to the risk with it, then its time to QUIT and go for confession!!!

     Thanks for reading, stay tuned to "confession" in subsequent series...    Nathdgreat Of Africa

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