Saturday, 20 May 2017

This website ( is a fiction website and therefore stories that appear here has no reference to real life or  real situation  and is not intended to tell the story of anybody whether dead or alive. If by coincidence the story you read here tallies with any real person that you know or are familiar with, be rest assured that the writer has not heard your story. As the title of the website implies, every article or story that appears here is created out of simple imagination that is why it is called a FICTION website. so do NOT be surprised or disappointed if a particular story you love didn't eventually have any ending, that would be because the writer could not thinker a coherent ending for that story as every story or write up here is simply meant to entertain and also to improve skill of fiction writing and to give a story to my readers and ask them to complete it..(LOL).

The writer may choose to use the first person narrative method ( I ) That does not mean he is describing his personal experience or writing his diary. Everything here is FICTION and never happened at anytime and maybe would never happen "except you choose to re-enact it" ( LOL) there won't be any reason for that, would there? just thinking loud...

The writer strictly endeavors to write all stories from imagination and from scratch meaning" no lifting of stories from any other source" but in case you see a funny stuff or something you have read, or heard appear here; then the writer might have used his skill to modify an already existing story to suit his audience or he might be the original source of it from the beginning..(LOL)

Please be mindful of the fact that names might coincide with somebody's real names, yes it is possible! that does not mean the writer had anyone in mind when writing. The names are fake names of people who never existed anywhere here on planet earth, maybe in Jupiter or Mars but i guess someone from Mars or Jupiter won't hire a lawyer against someone on earth, we are planets apart right? Just trying to be sure...

Some stories here might not be suitable for persons younger than 18+ so I am saying now; please avoid this website like a plaque if you are anything below 18! If you are below that age and you read this fiction with your 2 eyes open and your 2 ears open do not hold me responsible if your attitude becomes altered and you start failing your exams! You watch horror films after all that's what you would say...

If all the details have been taken to heart; I will now officially welcome you to my webpage and also wish you happy reading!!!

                                                                                              Nathaniel  Chiwendu Iroegbu
                                                                                                    Nathdgreat of Africa

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