Thursday, 6 July 2017

The Creepy Hotel

The banging on the gate grew louder. Now it is beginning to thunder incessantly. There was no second guessing who it was, he was banging on the gate with insistence and breathing heavily like someone about to give up the ghost. I jumped off from the table on which I had laid, pointing my touch on the wall clock the time was exactly 02:30am. I got up and drowsily ran to open the gate for him.

John immediately fell inside hurriedly like someone running away from death. John was fat tall and on the average handsome. When we started working in this food production company together he was not that fat at all, in fact he was almost as slim as I was. He loves food a lot especially sausages and yogurt maybe because that is what we produce and he gets it for free so he could consume enough that gave him a protruding stomach.

He was my closest pal and ally, maybe because we got employed on the same day as security men in this food and beverage company. He was religious just like me though we attended different denominations. We shared opinions and argued when we had difference in religious beliefs.

When he came in, he could not form words just pointing somewhere and gasping for breath. He got up and ran to the shower and poured water on himself endlessly, I was still looking with eyes wide opened and after a while, he was ready to start narrating his ordeal.

"Jasper" he began
"John what happened to you? why did you leave your duty post in the middle of the night and run over to my place?"

"oboy, you can't believe it if i tell you; do you know that dead people are walking up and down in that newly acquired hotel?"

His words sent a cold chill down my spine, there was goose pimples all over me. this company is not an Indian owned company I reasoned within myself though most of its top management staffs where Indians and Pakistan. My company is located somewhere around Ajao Estate and has acquired the hotel as an extension of its offices due to expansion of operation and increase in staff strength. The management needed to do restructuring and patterning the hotel to look like an office and that would take well over one month! If there is substance in John's words, then for sure, all the security men posted to that beat are all in for a big surprise.

"O boy you too dey fear jare" I just lambasted him trying to kill the fear welling up in me by making him feel like a coward.
"which kind spirit? your fear fear mind made you start seeing spirit because that is what you had in mind my friend!" I said sharply
Unusually, he just sighed and began the cold story...

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