Thursday, 6 July 2017

Omo igbo kpa mi (igbo girl has killed me)

I been dey clean my taxi when oga call enta;
"hello Jubril"
"yes oga John" i come ansa am, as oga John call me like that i don already
know wetin im wan tell me. as madam don travel, oga wan go tan da for hotel with him
hmm, the man no even sabi say na the same thing wey him dey do na im madam sef dey do
she go say she dey go dubai for bizness she go follow one bobo go lodge for midnight hotel,
God go catch them one day wey two of them go lodge for one hotel with their diffrent partner
"Are you still at home?"
"yes oga" i ansa am
"ah ah! are you still sleeping by now?"
"No sir, i don wake up. i just dey clean my motor"
"please come and carry me"
I no say na hotel him wan make i carry am go. this man na wayo man, im no wan use im motor drive go the hotel so that no body go see am. anyway, wetin concern me? na my money i know, im dey pay well sha.
I come carry am reach midnight hotel that morning. as we reach dia, one sisi dey dia dey wait am already for the reception.

"Jubril, you will wait for me to finish, I won't take long"
"ok sir" inside my mind i come think am, for wia i go dey dey wait?
As oga pay for the hotel, e come call the sisi, "Ndidi, come lets go"
I wan sidan for reception wey oga John give me sign to follow them
hmm, abi this man wan make i dey inside room with them?
abi him no trust this yellow sisi?
we reach the room. na double room him pay for. them dey call am suit.
"stay in the parlour while we finish"
"ok sir"
i come sidan dey wait till when dem go finish
Small sleep come carry me
2hours later . . .
Ah ah, abi dis people don leave me here go?
wetin dem dey do for 2hrs na? shebi im say im no go tail?
I come getup from the chair come say make i near the room go see wetin dey happen
Hmm, i come peep from the key hole
 oga John don sweat like who fall enter river
the sisi come sidan on top oga John, e come dey chop oga John like hungry lion
small time, my oga come begin to shout
'omo igbo kpami'    (igbo girl don kill me)
'omo igbo kpami'
'omo ikpo kpami'
the sisi dey hammer am even as im dey shout 'omo ikpo kpami' the sisi no gree leave am
abi this sisi wan kill my oga?
abi she dey plan to run with im money after she kill am?
abi na wetin make oga say make i follow dem enter the room?
If i dey here wey she kill oga, wetin i go tell madam? i must rush in go save my oga
my oga naked, the sisi sef dey naked, abeg wetin una think?
make i rush in save my oga, abi make i allow omo igbo to kill my oga?
Abeg make una advice me sharpaly before bad
thing happen to my oga😜

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