Thursday, 6 July 2017


Hello Dear blog readers
My name is Nathaniel Chiwendu Iroegbu, I am your host on this fiction blog and I am especially and profoundly happy to welcome you all to this blog. I have also taken the initiative to appreciate all of you and also see how to ( If possible) extend a helping hand to all my blog readers who needs a hand.
First in my agenda is to give out stipend to my blog readers in for of an airtime. In subsequent episodes in this segment, I will be giving out more than just an airtime. I also intend helping my blog readers seek help from far and wide using this blog as a platform. Together as one, we will all help each other in one way or the other.
Secondly, I also intend providing a section where I will also be providing help and financial assistance to my blog readers who might need it. I also intend reaching out to the less privileged in the society as part of my calling, giving them help if i can, and helping them reach the right audience who can offer more meaningful assistance.
Welcome on board but for now, take a look around and possibly bookmark this blog for further visits and see a lot of help, freebies and connection roll in....Namaste!

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