Thursday, 20 July 2017


Have you guys discovered lately that our native languages are gradually diminishing due to either not being used, or the mixture of foreign languages like English in the use of our own indigenous languages. I am going to tell you some that i noticed in my own language. If you have noticed any in your language feel free to comment below. Its just for fun in the house while we fight it together as one so that our own language will not completely go extinct. 
(IGbotic mixture)
Just legodi:
1-->SENDiaram airtime
2-->HELPutum juo ya
3-->SITigodi down
4-->STANDigodi up
5-->SHIFTuoro m
6-->Ha eCLOSEzula the shop
7-->I na eDISTURB m biko or eDISTURBzilam biko
8-->CHECKie m in next five minutes
9-->I REACHie gi agwam
10-->Achorom I ENTERgodi bike
11-->Ihe I na eSPEAKi sef
12-->akam na eTHINKi ya
13-->A dim BUSY kita, a gam aCALLugi back
14-->after anyi eDISCUSSuo ya
15-->eGIVEkwana up
16-->TAKEie time gi
17-->chere kam PARKia motor m
18-->achorom iga WATCHia match
19-->SETTLuom biko
20-->STARTia the gen
ADDia your own 😂😂😂
Lolz Igbo kwenu!!!!
Ka m postugodi this one.....igucha ,I commentia

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