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Nigeria: The Problem of Insecurity and The Possible Solution

"An insecure nation is a menace to its inhabitants"                  Nathdgreat of Africa

At about 10:30pm, a young man of about 28years old was shot dead in a busy street. The gun shot was so loud that people living 6 streets away could hear it very loud and clear. Just about 2 streets away, there is a police station. News around the corner has it that it was a gang war (cultist) taking a revenge on a rival cult. In Nigeria (although this happens in a lot of developing countries, but Nigeria is the subject under review) it is not an unheard of thing to witness or hear about gang wars or a rival cult taking a swipe on another cult group, the problem was that no police or security agents showed up on the crime scene during the battle or even hours after the battle ended! It was almost about 11:00am the next day before we started hearing police siren in the distance approaching the scene of the murder!
  The problem of insecurity has eaten deep into our nation like a vicious canker worm. In Benin city Edo state and so many other states and small towns across Nigeria, the situation is almost a nightmare.

Major Causes Of Insecurity
Arm robbery
Political thuggery
Ritualistic Activities

There are still other major causes of insecurity, but the ones mentioned above are the most common in my own locality and around me.

Cultism has grown very rampant in Nigeria especially in the rural areas. nowadays, even kids between the ages of 9 and 10 are initiated into cultism and used as a tool to perpetrate all kinds of heinous crimes in the society. These kids know next to nothing. they have no fear, because of the protection promised them by their initiators, they can do and undo. In most cases they are asked to perform very difficult task to become properly initiated and you see these young kids becoming baby soldiers right under their fathers nose and are selfishly manipulated by adults.
We won't discuss much about their task or what obtains once initiated, but our focus is on our families, our society and our effective policing system to curb this menace that is biting hard into our society.
  The truth is, some are forcefully initiated. some willingly join so as to avoid being bullied by those who belong. while some enlist themselves so as to terrorize and bully those who get in their way. In any case, there is no justifiable  reason to join.

Arm Robbery

Due to poverty armed robbery is on the increase. some of the root factors behind robbery are: greed and poverty and the fact that some politicians hand out guns to individuals during elections and they in turn use it however they see fit. Some areas experience robbery every day! some might start wondering 'what are our police men doing?' the bitter truth is; they are trying their best in the situation. We won't discuss much on the matter right now. the major point of interest is the solution to all the social vices that is  making  Nigeria not safe for habitation.

Political Thuggery

Some power hungry politicians manipulate the electioneering process and hand out guns and various other ammunition to thugs in other for them to win election. When they eventually loose the election, they take a swipe on the society by making the state ungovernable for the ruling party. Even when they succeed in their evil machination and get to the seat of power, it becomes difficult to take the guns off the street and that increases the activities of hoodlums. To worsen the matter, some promises they make to these thugs are not kept and with the guns in their hands they simply transfer aggression to innocent Nigerians. what a shame!


Terrorism is a very difficult war especially when it involves suicide bombings and killings. just like cultism, people can be coerced to join. Here we will be discussing possible ways to curtail it even though we all know that it would be very difficult to handle.

Ritualistic Activities

It is a known fact that ritualistic practices are also very rampant. power hungry individuals and some insane fellow who want to get rich without sweating prey on innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians and use them for ritual purposes. Some even claim to be kings, oba's, chiefs and whatever they call themselves and they use fellow humans like themselves for sacrifice even in broad day light. Some religious clerics in their insatiable quest for power also use humans as sacrifice to achieve their aim. the list goes on and on. This is a societal ill that needs thrashing.Government should discourage coronation that involve rituals especially human sacrifice, this is barbaric and a shame. How can the citizens of a country be kept under lock and key simply because an oba died or being crowned? there are still other ritualistic barbaric practices that should be abolished, like some practices that forbid women from seeing them perform in some cases, when a woman see's them she is used as sacrifice, Nigeria should be more advanced for such obnoxious practices. 


When it begun, only foreigners where kidnapped. now even the akara(bean cake) seller has gotten a kidnap value no matter how small the ransom may be. people are scared to show their means of livelihood, In some areas people are even afraid to drive their cars, they now prefer to trek instead of being kidnapped! necessity has turned into luxury and a reason for someone to be kidnapped. what a societal ill!

In all these problems enumerated, are we just going to throw in our towel and give up the fight? do we need to run away from our beloved country because of the ills we see? Is there hope in the horizon for generation yet unborn?  If you despair, I have good news for you!  We can fight the menace as one if we know exactly what to do and trust me, there is something we can surely do as individuals, family, the society at large and our government.


"Effective policing is the bed rock of a secure country". Nigeria must learn to invest more on security than we invest on any other thing. the safe and only way we can curb all the social vices mentioned above is to effectively 'digitalize' the police.

When I talk about 'digitalizing' the police, I mean employing and deploying more police to effectively take care of situations that might arise.

In developed countries policemen do not sit around in their luxuriously furnished offices and wait for a crime to be reported to them. They in most cases go in search to uncover it or even to foil the plans.
Nigerian police have the problem of waiting for a crime to be reported to them and unequivocally criminals don't go about reporting themselves to authorities so some crimes are perpetrated and gotten away with.

Please do not get me wrong. I am not laying blames on our police, No! what am saying is that we need to encourage our policemen and strengthen them. You might think am sounding ironic but the fact remains that if we strengthen the police, they will give us their best and we will have a more secure country.


Thuggery, cultism, kidnapping and other related societal crimes take place because the perpetrators in more cases than not get away with the act. The irony of it all is that both thugs, cultist, kidnappers and all sorts of criminals are easily identifiable. Another irony of it all is that when there is robbery, kidnapping, rape, murder or other heinous crimes, the perpetrators do not disappear. they sometimes drive off, run off or bike off. whatever means they use, the fact remains that they did not disappear they just left! you still don't get my point?

OK!  what do you think would happen if there where police stationed at every street end? what do you think would happen if there where gates at every street? what do you think would happen if there where close circuit televisions?
The fact is; if a criminal knows that he would be accosted on his way to or from the crime he would not dare it! very simple!

In digitalizing the police, the idea is: employ more trained and educated policemen, create mobile police station ( possibly on every major or long street ) answerable to a district police station, and giving them the necessary equipment to operate like; Taser or conducted electrical weapon, and guns where needed especially for the head of the unit, good vehicles to chase after criminals and a very fat salary which will endear them to give their all for their job. Police patrol team alone can not achieve effective policing. who can even monitor what they possibly do when sent on patrol, how far they go, and so on. But with digital policing, every policeman is accountable to a particular area especially when there is an incidence of crime.


Qualified graduates in relevant field should be employed for effective and credible policing. sociologist, psychologist, psychiatrist and others in relevant fields like that should be our policemen. we do not need OLD retired uneducated men who started police work in the then Nigeria to effectively work as policemen in the digital police system, can they even chase after hoodlums in a crime scene? can a pot bellied pregnant man run after a nineteen year old criminal? Do you get my point now?
It  should not be a man know man affair. employment should be based simply on merit not honorary. Nigeria needs to reduce the number of men in the office waiting to be invited to investigate a crime. We need to be on the look out for these crimes and also make sure that there is adequate punishment for the perpetrators no matter who they appear to be.


One major problem that could militate against the digital police system is funds. Huge funds will be needed to start and run the system. Running the system can be achieved! that's an assurance, how?
Every citizen above the age of eighteen MUST pay for this service. We are all a victim of insecurity, and we all for sure crave to have it ended. so all hands must be on deck to fight this menace however we can.


Every house along a major street must be adequately taxed to pay for the services of the digital police. companies operating within the street and environs must also be taxed adequately for the service. A law can be enacted and enforced making it a criminal offense not to pay monthly for the provided service.
Company's and investors should also be taxed to pay for this service. workers should also be taxed separately for the service of the digital police system.


Our budget should weigh higher on security and the digital police system. our politicians and law makers salary can also be taxed adequately to set aside money to fund and finance the digital police system ( after all they need it more ) instead of the government assigning police to guide just them while the whole country lies at the mercy of these criminals.

The bottom line is, we can join hands together and solve the problem of insecurity and unrest in our country. No individual should be allowed to have a gun, licensed or not! No more jungle justice, the police should be responsible for enforcing the law and taking charge of criminals. No more so-called vigilantes who either witch hunt innocent citizens and make it impossible to have nice time at night like other developed country. 


When there is a crime on any street, or there is a successful robbery, the policemen deployed to that unit should be held responsible and must pay for whatever claims and damages the victims make.  when the policemen are aware of this huge task, they will fully take charge of their unit.

In conclusion, Nigeria needs to embrace digital police idea, employ more educated young and vibrant policemen, equip them adequately and pay them handsomely for us to have a secure society free from crimes and heinous activity.

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