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How to Build Your Self Confidence

                              How to Build Your Self Confidence
What is Self Confidence? self confidence put in a simple way is, assurance: freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities.

MOST youths struggle with uncertainties about their appearance and their abilities, as well as how they measure up to others. they can not even handle unfair remarks from their peers they feel so unhappy and insecure, all these are signs of lack of self confidence.

How Can You Boost Your Self Confidence?
There are practical ways by which you can boost your self confidence, the steps needs to applied in your day to day life for your self confidence to be boosted.

1. Appreciate Yourself: Granted, you might  not look too physically attractive or possess much skill or training,  but its never true that you are not at all attractive or good looking or even possess some exceptional skills which other of your peers may not possess. first, although you might have limitations, try and analyze your strength.Don’t tell yourself such things as ‘I always fail’ and ‘I never do anything right.’ Such overstatements only keep you down. Instead, acknowledge your shortcomings but also recognize your strengths.

2. Choose Your Friends Wisely: Some people are good in criticizing or finding fault in other people, they never see good in other people. instead of making friends with such people and trying to fit in to their perfectionist kind of lifestyle, try and make friends with those who look inwards to see the good you can offer and who will point out your mistakes where necessary but will never keep emphasizing on them.

3. Give of Yourself: You can also apply yourself to good and kind deeds. reasonable people will love and appreciate you naturally and sincerely when you offer or add value to their lives irrespective of how you look or your possible shortcomings. when you add value to someones life you will find internal joy and happiness.

4. Bounce Back from Your Mistakes: Its normal for us to make mistakes as imperfect humans that we are. when that happens, do not dwell on your mistakes, learn from it and try and move on possitively, dwelling on a mistake can affect your self confidence negatively.

5. Open Up: Try to open up or be cheerful at all times, there maybe times your peers might make fun of you or even say sarcastic things or make unfair remark, if people around laugh at you, do not feel bad outwardly no matter how it hurts, if it is possible join them and laugh too. your peers will continue making fun of you if they notice that you feel bad or get hurt by their remarks, but they will leave you alone if they notice that you even laugh more than them, then when it is wise you can take your leave if you are not comfortable being around them.

6. Dress Up and Go UP: It has been noted that dressing when it fits can boost your self confidence. do not dress to please your peers you may end up wearing what might not fit you  and that might cause more embarrassment. make sure your clothes are neat and worn properly according to the occasion.

These few steps will help you boost your self confidence and help you see things as they truly are. always remember that the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself.

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